About Me

Jeremy Cassidy
Like many people, I originally learnt the Alexander Technique because of pain. I’d had lower back pain for while, despite practising Tai Chi, it was getting worse.

I was only 32 at the time and I knew if I didn’t change something, it would only get worse. I asked a friend to recommend a chiropractor or an osteopath, but she suggested the Alexander Technique. I remembered going on an evening class a few years before and found it interesting, but I wanted to be fixed!

I followed her suggestion however and after only a few lessons, I was amazed at the difference the Technique made. Not only did my back pain improve considerably, but I felt a new curiosity and vitality I hadn’t experienced since childhood.

The Technique is educational in nature, so it was hugely empowering to have found something that I could apply outside of lessons and continue to use to help myself. It was just the beginning of a profound on-going journey.

I completed my three year training at LCATT, and I am a full member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, MSTAT. I also have an enhanced CRB check, so I can work with vulnerable adults and children.

Please call me on 07803 905040 or write me an email to book a lesson, or to ask me more about the Technique and how it can help you.

“Jeremy’s three-week group course was an excellent introduction to Alexander Technique. I liked the combination of information, explanation and practical exercises and left each session feeling thoroughly refreshed. Read more…


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