“Jeremy’s three-week course was an excellent introduction to Alexander Technique. I liked the combination of information, explanation and practical exercises and left each session feeling thoroughly refreshed. I will definitely be back for more.”
E M, Seven Sisters

“I am a teacher assistant and I work as well with communities in various projects. I do what I do heartily and significantly, building on stress quickly with tensions on my legs and shoulders.
Thanks to 10 sessions of Alexander Technique with Jeremy, I released emotions from the past embodied in my legs, in my breath, in the way I stand. I learned a lot about my body and my awareness of my anatomy shifted my relationship to it. I am a complex interlinked system and I can give intentionality to every movement I decide to do freely!
Jeremy’s fresh approach helped me to realised that I do not have to do anything, I can just rest on the floor and just be who I am contemplating the ceiling!
I will certainly keep on practising this exercice ,keeping myself present to my life and the world!”
Albane R, Hackney

“I came to see Jeremy with chronic back ache due to poor posture. His gentle approach and imaginative way of describing things helped me see my body in a new way. I found each session deeply relaxing and always walked out feeling lighter and freer. Jeremy’s insights and suggestions at each session stayed with me throughout the weeks. I believe the lessons I received from Jeremy greatly contributed to an improvement in my posture and a reduction in pain.”
Cherry, Highbury

“I’ve really enjoyed learning the Alexander Technique, reflecting on how everyday things can be done in a way that is better for your body, avoiding stresses and strains. Jeremy is a great teacher and the classes are an oportunity to explore ideas, learn and relax!”
Alison M, Brondesbury Park

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